To the origins of jewish medicine: the jewish presence in Trentino Alto-Adige

This itinerary aims to rediscover the Jewish history in the region between tradition and modernity, going around Merano, Trento and Riva del Garda.

Reading Shakespeare: “The Merchant Of Venice”

Our itinerary will make you relive the Jewish Venice of the end of the 16th century by visiting the places quoted by Shakespeare in his famous play, “The merchant of Venice”.

The Kiddùsh and Seder Wine around Treviso

This itinerary includes tours of Treviso, Conegliano, Vittorio Veneto and Portobuffolé in order to rediscover Jewish sites of yesterday and today.

Bloody Easter: the Legend of Lorenzino

This itinerary retraces the history of this legend including the visit of Jewish sites which are present in Bassano and Marostica, passing through the towns of Cittadella and Asolo where it is possible to find other interesting evidence of this reality.

The Purims of Padua

This itinerary can only start in this important cultural center before going on to Praglia and the fascinating medieval villages of the Padua area in order to rediscover ancient and modern Jewish presences there.

Credit and Cultural Networks: Jewish Mediation as a Resource

This itinerary aims to rediscover the commercial vocation of Vicenza and Verona’s Jewish communities, also visiting some sites located in some villages in the surrounding area.

Ancient Aquileia: an Open Door to the East

This itinerary includes visits to Aquileia, Trieste, Gradisca d’Isonzo and Gorizia. The latter represents a good example of city in which Jewish bankers played a crucial role in supporting the development of local finance.

Jewish People and “Strazzeria” Art

This itinerary aims to rediscover the so called “strazzeria” art, which is the trade in clothes, fabrics and used objects of all kinds and which was the only activity allowed to Jewish people besides loan banks.

The Print of the first Tanakh: the Jewish Printing Press

This itinerary aims not only to rediscover Mantua as the mother-community for the one in Milan but also to visit the places where the art of Italian “stamperia” was founded, passing through other villages close to Soncino.

“There Is a Tree for every Man who has Chosen Right”

This itinerary aims to rediscover statements of the tragic events experienced by Milan’s Jewish people during the 20th century, including a visit to the different city communities such as the Iranian and Lebanese ones.

Walking around “The Garden of the Finzi-Continis”

The itinerary twists and turns through the streets of the charming ancient centre of Ferrara, which is dominated by the imposing Este castle that dates back to the 14th century.

The ancient Torah of Bologna

This itinerary is entirely dedicated to Bologna and its cultural riches.

“Meditate that this came about”

The itinerary consists mainly in a tour of Modena and Carpi tour, as well as visits to other towns nearby which reveal to be interesting places in providing proof of a centuries-long Jewish presence in this area.

Jerusalem in Rome

This itinerary will take you on a tour to rediscover the ancient history of the Italian capital where the history of a people and the history of a city are indissolubly linked.